Dr. Melinda Nicole Lamb - General Surgeon

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Melinda Lamb stands out as a remarkable physician, embodying honesty, compassion, and a deep understanding of her patients' needs and well-being. During my interaction with Dr. Lamb, I was genuinely satisfied with her approach. She adeptly delineated the potential origins of my medical issue and recommended an MRI to pinpoint its exact cause. Despite the MRI results yielding no conclusive underlying factors, Dr. Lamb meticulously presented multiple treatment options for my health concern.

Ver M.

I had my appointment with Dr Lamb and I was so surprised at how well she took her time and showed me exactly what was going on. Though my condition is some what rare, she didn't hesitate talking to me about it and advising me what needs to be done. Yes surgery NEEDS to be done however I needed a different surgeon than her 😭 I appreciated her honesty and her concern and she submitted request to my PCP her request for the right surgeon the same day. I completely respect Dr Lamb and anyone who sees her should be honored to have an amazing, to the point, knowledgeable surgeon on their side!! Thank you Dr Lamb for the visit, you're a gem 🤗

Stacy P.

Dr. Lamb is one of the most caring doctors I have met. I feel heard and that she actually wants to help with my medical problem. She truly cares about her patients and goes the extra mile to make sure I understood everything she was explaining. I am a Spanish speaking patient and she made me feel comfortable and made sure there was a translator as well.

Luz V.

My experience with Dr. Lamb was excellent. She was very honest and straightforward, which I appreciated. She also took her time and made sure I walked out informed and better than when I walked thru her door. I will definitely be continuing my visits with Dr. Lamb. Thank You!

D. G.

Dr. Lamb was exactly what I look for in a medical doctor, professional, thorough, willing to patiently explain all of my options and follows through. I couldn’t ask for more and would without hesitation recommend her.

James C.

The doctor explains very well how the procedure will be.

Antonio A.

Dr. Lamb is very knowledgeable and spent time explaining everything in great detail.

Madeline K.

Best doctor ever

Carina R.

Dr. Lamb was very patient and took her time to explain and answer all of my questions.

Shannon F.

Dr. Lamb speaks very factual, eloquently, and calming. At 52 I am and about experience my first surgery, I can say that the fear I had before meeting with Dr. Lamb is gone. Very frank, to the point in a calming way that a big baby like me needs.

Isaac G.

Highly highly recommend Dr Lamb. She is not only clearly extremely talented and intelligent but she also is Incredibly empathetic, will truly listen to you and your experience, will strategize options and explain the downstream implications of those different choices to you to help you make informed decisions. Answers the phone when you call. Just an all around incredible experience. Medicine needs more people like her.

Whitney P.

Dr. Lamb was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and was very thorough describing to me the process to which I should expect for my ex procedure to follow and gave me detailed information of my existing diagnosis and how She will go about resolving the issue. I only wish all doctors were as great as her!!!

Melanie F.

Dr lamb is amazing ! She was super helpful and gave us step by step after care instructions . She truly cares about her patients . I will be forever grateful for saving my moms finger .

Maria S.

A few weeks ago, my father needed to have his gallbladder removed. During the surgery, the condition of my father’s gallbladder was in worse shape than anticipated from scans. Typically, a Cholecystectomy is a simple procedure that is done laparoscopically and only takes about an hour to two. My father’s surgery ended up being four hours long. With that being said, Dr. Lamb impressed me from the get-go. She explained the procedure, pre and post op, and followed up weeks after. It was a very tough time for my father, and me, and she really helped navigate through it all. Thank you, Dr. Lamb. I appreciate you very much.

Deidre V

My friend isn’t 100% comfortable speaking English and navigating the healthcare system, so I offered to help her find a doctor for an urgent problem. The first office I called had a 2-week wait for a consultation and another 4 weeks before surgery would be available. The second office didn’t answer the phone. My third call was to Dr. Lamb, and she picked up the phone herself! She offered to call my friend back that evening with an interpreter, and she did. She was able to see her for a consultation on Monday (my call was on a Friday). The consultation confirmed that surgery was needed, and she was able to schedule surgery for the next day. My friend was very happy with the outcome, and with Dr. Lamb and her staff. We were amazed at how quick and easy the whole process went.

Mindy B.

Top-notch doctor! She’s smart, friendly, and she takes time to make sure that the patient and the family understood the procedure, this is what sets her apart from others. She will always have a piece of paper to draw and explain the operation, what she did, what to expect etc. using simple words, she’s the only doctor I know that does that. She goes above and beyond, and our family appreciates that. Thank you Dr. you saved my husband life and explained everything to us perfectly.


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